“TBN,” the new tech stock, is ready for an online IPO roadshow

“TBN,” the new tech stock, is gearing up for an online IPO roadshow. Emphasizing its leadership in the Low-Code sector in Asia, TBN is ready to make a strong impact. As a leading provider of digital design and development powered by Low-Code technology, TBN offers digital transformation consultancy services and develops tailored solutions to meet customer needs. Their primary software foundation is the Low-Code Development Platform (LCDP) from MENDIX. This technology growth aligns with the current era of Digital Disruption, as Low-Code is poised to rapidly and efficiently transform the business world through the development of applications, websites, and digital solutions. 

Furthermore, TBN’s expertise is validated through its global partnership with Siemens, being officially appointed as the first authorized MENDIX License distributor in Thailand since 2008. TBN has achieved the highest recognition in Asia and continues to expand its growth momentum. 

During this event, the management team, led by “Panayu Sirikrachangsri,” CEO of TBN, will present the company’s vision, accompanied by “Duangpanan Leelaviwat,” Director of Operations at Pioneeria Advisory Co., Ltd., serving as financial advisor, and supported by the sales team, including “Teerachat Sinlaphasnat,” Banfinance, and “Veerya Sivathanawat,” CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand). They will showcase the strengths of TBN and provide information to potential investors about the upcoming IPO of 25 million shares in the near future.