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Case 1

“Unlock the success of CPF’s 200 applications development in under 2 years“

To fulfill the company’s vision of becoming the “sustainable kitchen of the world,” Charoen Pokphand Foods Group or CPF, a global leader in agro-industrial, and food business, needed to digitize its business processes to link all distributed data together whether they are manufacturing, personnel, sales and marketing, or consumer data. 

Due to the size and scope of the company, the IT team needed a tool to help build many applications in a limited time. Mendix Low-Code Platform became the go to solution. TBN trained and mentored CPF’s IT team so that they could quickly build apps that meet their needs. 

More than 200 applications were launched in just one and a half years which the traditional high-coding could never accomplish. Mendix Low-Code platform enabled CPF to drive its business processes and solidified its position as a global leader in the agricultural and food industry. 

Case 2

“Mendix Low-Code Platform becomes a driver for KTC's digital transformation”

With more than 20,000 calls to customer service daily, Krung Thai Card Public Co., LTD. or KTC, Thailand’s leading financial service company, must come up with a solution to support the expansion of its customer base. The company wanted to digitize its traditional customer services for better customer experience. 


KTC procured TBN to design a new process to automate KTC’s call center and transform its workflow system to cope with increasing customer demands of more than 20,000 calls per day. TBN utilized Mendix to develop 250 APIs to streamline KTC’s processes. This transformation helped KTC lower its working time by 30% and enabled the call center team to receive more calls. Also, automating the call center system allowed executives to see real-time data for strategic decision-making and problem-solving.


Case 3

“TIC forces disruption to transform as a leader in the industry”

Thai Insurance Public Company Limited (“TIC”) foresaw the importance of change and sets a mission to become the leader in the insurance industry. They developed an online insurance API policy to revolutionize the insurance business and started by transforming their website www.thaiins.com with Mendix Low-code. 

The first mission for the team was to reduce the complicated process for customer decision-making on choosing insurance products. The TIC lab team realized that the new website must prioritize the customer journey to create an easy way to connect the company to its customers. The next task was to make TIC become Thailand’s center for innovative insurance development. The Open Insurance API project was initiated for develpers interested in creating insurance services such as interest calculation, issuing quotations, or utility service.  The TIC lab team opted for the Open Insurance API because the traditional way to implement API or web service took too long. Using Open Insurance API will save more time for developers and become a sandbox to create new products for the insurance industry. It also makes TIC closer to customers and partners.

Mendix Low-Code platform was employed throughout the whole project. It constructed a website with ease, created opportunities for new developers, and decreased the amount of time in software development.

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