TBN reveals a strong IPO wave of 25 million shares with overwhelming response on the first day of subscription.

“Panayu Sirikrachangsri,” the CEO of TBN Corporation Limited, announced that the company’s IPO shares have received significant interest from investors. The initial offering to retail investors on the first day resulted in an overwhelming amount of subscription requests. This reinforces the confidence in TBN as one of the leading technology companies in Thailand. The capital raised from the fundraising will be used as working capital to expand the business, enhance competitiveness, and support the increasing trend of digital transformation. It will be utilized for projects developing digital systems, increasing personnel, and improving various facilities to accommodate the growing number of projects and employees. This important step is believed to support TBN’s significant growth.

Regarding “Teerachat Sinlapsanthayarn,” the Managing Director of Finansa Limited, and “Veeraaya Sriwatthana,” the Head of Wealth Management Division at CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) Limited, as the two leading distributors and underwriters, they also emphasized the attractiveness of TBN as a leader in the Low-Code platform in Thailand. The IPO price was set at 17 Baht per share, which is considered reasonable based on the fundamental factors of the company. This led to significant interest from retail investors who eagerly subscribed on the first day.
As for financial advisors, “Deuanphan Leelaviwat,” the CEO of Pioneer Advisory Company Limited, concluded that TBN is a technology stock with significant growth potential that aligns with the overall industry and investment in IT and software in Thailand. This will drive the business towards a complete digital world. Therefore, the Low-Code platform will be another answer for new-age businesses, and providing digital solutions will make TBN a potential and well-received stock in the long run.