“TBN” gears up for a roadshow ahead of its upcoming IPO

“TBN Corporation Limited,” a leading technology company in the country that provides comprehensive digital transformation solutions, delighted investors with its recent roadshow. The event showcased the company’s business fundamentals and growth opportunities in the digital transformation era. This roadshow is a prelude to the planned IPO of 25 million shares. TBN aims to raise capital to support its digital transformation initiatives, expand its business, and enhance its service offerings. It aspires to be a frontrunner in developing and providing end-to-end digital solutions, recognized as the top provider in Asia. The company’s vision aligns with its strategy of leading business development and driving growth through low-code and AI-driven approaches, while elevating the business ecosystem to regional levels. 

Mr. Panayu Sirikrachangsri, CEO of TBN Corporation Limited, revealed that the company presented its business information during the roadshow on May 26, 2023, to provide investors with insights into its operations, strengths, and future growth prospects before the IPO. This IPO represents another significant milestone in supporting TBN’s growth strategy and its vision to become a leader in developing and delivering comprehensive digital solutions. The company is dedicated to utilizing low-code and AI-driven approaches and driving digital transformation to elevate its partners’ businesses to regional levels. 

Furthermore, the company plans to expand its workforce to accommodate the growing demand for Digital Solution Services, which is expected to increase in the future as more organizations prioritize technology adoption. Emphasizing the importance of cost control in service provision, TBN has established the TBN MENDIX Academy to efficiently and sustainably manage its long-term business operations. 

In terms of financial performance, TBN reported revenues of 360.55 million baht and an initial profit from services of 102.39 million baht in the fiscal year 2022. The initial profit margin was 28.40%, and the net profit was 35.56 million baht. The latest financial results for the first quarter of 2023 show revenues of 360.55 million baht and an initial profit from services of 49.22 million baht, with an initial profit margin of 42.13% and a net profit of 25.98 million baht. 

Miss Deuanphan Lilaviwat, the Managing Director of Pioneer Advisory Co., Ltd., as a financial consultant, stated that TBN is considered a leader in the Low-Code platform in Thailand. This technology helps accelerate application development by 6-10 times faster than before, without requiring a large number of software developers. This results in higher business outcomes and has gained popularity in international markets. However, it is still a relatively new concept in Thailand, presenting an opportunity for market expansion. Currently, TBN serves customers from various sectors such as banks, financial institutions, retail, manufacturing industries, and the public sector. 

This capital fundraising will support TBN in expanding its application development services and extending software licensing sales to other industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, and customers in the Asian region. The goal is to create a Platform Solution and further provide MENDIX services to financial institutions, banks, insurance businesses, and other industries, thereby acquiring new customers and increasing sales with existing clients. TBN emphasizes its position as one of the leading providers of digital solutions that will continue to grow steadily in the future. 

Mr. Teerachat Silapasathayarn, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Finance Securities Co., Ltd., as the Co-Sales Manager and Underwriter of TBN’s common stock, revealed that TBN’s interesting aspect is being a provider of Low-Code platform, which is a trend in the new business era that requires fast software application development. Moreover, with over 15 years of experience and a team of experts in software development services, it presents an opportunity to meet customer needs and achieve robust growth in the digital era. 

Miss Veeraya Sritanawan, the Head of Institutional Sales Department at CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as the Co-Sales Manager and Underwriter, mentioned TBN’s strengths as the most experienced Low-Code service provider in Asia, having gained trust from Siemens as the authorized distributor of MENDIX software licenses. This partnership enables TBN to promote the use of the Low-Code platform as the first choice in Thailand. TBN’s commitment to being a partner with global technology leaders and having the trust of international companies and customers in various industries highlights its rapid growth in the industry with a CAGR of 31.60%. With a positive trend in digital transformation and a comprehensive digital solution provider with recurring income exceeding 50% in 2022, TBN’s revenue stability instills investor confidence. It positions TBN as the leader in the development and provision of comprehensive Digital Solutions that receives the highest recognition in Asia and ensures strong performance in the future. 

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Roadshow Interview

Roadshow Interview