MxHacks Sponsor Spotlight: LINKIT Provides Knowledge to Build Smart Solutions

We still have a big smile on our faces just thinking about the ‘MxHacks: Low-Code for Good’ Hackathon! More than 1200 developers from all over the world competed to build the smartest solutions for three designated nonprofits that help improve lives, fight for justice, or advance other good causes.

But without sponsors, there wouldn’t have been a MxHacks. Therefore we’re happy to give some insight into the MxHacks experience of LINKIT, one of our wonderful Diamond sponsors.

Who is LINKIT?

LINKIT serves more than 100 customers in the Netherlands and Germany, providing digital innovations that help customers accelerate IT to become frontrunners in their industry. LINKIT helps solve business challenges by combining a winning approach, a knowledge-driven team, and powerful technology like the Mendix platform as well as data, cloud & IoT technology. Also LINKIT is the latest addition to Mendix’s partner community.

LINKIT has a passion for the human aspect of business and a focus on empowering people with knowledge to build the best solutions. Talking to CEO Cornelis Lemstra and seeing the team perform at MxHacks, it’s clear that he and the rest of LINKIT share this passion.

LINKIT at MxHacks

During MxHacks, LINKIT competed with their own teams and offered hands-on support to developers who specifically chose to build solutions for Welcome App, one of the three nonprofits selected for the hackathon. Welcome App offers a one-stop-shop for people who are rebuilding their lives in a new country. Designed for refugees and asylum seekers, the platform aims to simplify integration into a new society to help people feel at home wherever they are.

Of the cause, Cornelis Lemstra says: “Welcome App is a cause close to our hearts. Over the years LINKIT has welcomed over 20 nationalities in its workforce so we’re aware of the challenges people cope with starting over in a new environment. I’m thrilled to see how the Mendix developer community has leveraged the platform and their expertise at MxHacks to come up with unexpected solutions to real-life problems of people in need.”

More than knowledge sharing

As a new sponsor to Mendix, this was the first time for LINKIT to experience such an event. Bob van Heijster, Mendix MVP at LINKIT: “As a company that has knowledge-sharing at its core, these events are very important to us. But MxHacks was so much more than that. I had a chance to interact with many of the hackers who took a well deserved break in our massage chairs and the involvement and passion of all participants could really be felt throughout the two days.”

Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix: “Despite the fact our partnership just started, we already have a strong connection with LINKIT, driven by a mutual passion to accelerate digital transformation at enterprises by leveraging human knowledge and world class technology. It was wonderful to experience their engagement and enthusiasm at MxHacks and I’m looking forward to working with them to provide our customers with smart and creative solutions.”

You can learn more about the hackathon on the MxHacks page and join the Mendix Community Slack.