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TBN Software Co.,Ltd.

TBN was founded in 2008 with the mission to solve the biggest challenge in digital transformation, that is to deliver business application with speed and high-quality. Over the past years, we have successfully implemented enterprise business applications in various industries including, banking and insurance, manufacturing, retail, and real-estate.

Through 2021, demand for app development will grow at least 5x faster than IT capacity to deliver it.
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What is Mendix?
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The most powerful High Productivity and Low Code platform for Enterprise, which can design and develop 6x faster than traditional coding with built-in Dev Ops capabilities
Responsive image Build apps without coding, collaborate with your business
Build simply and quickly with visual development tools. Empower real-time collaboration between your business and IT teams. Re-use app components to speed development.
Responsive image Build beautiful, responsive apps for any device
Design stunning user interfaces and experiences with native mobile features and offline functionality. Build once, for use across all devices.
Responsive image Deliver continuously with an integrated DevOps approach
Enable continuous delivery with built-in DevOps capabilities, or integrate with Jenkins or your existing DevOps toolset using Mendix Platform APIs.
Responsive image Deploy anywhere at web scale
Use any deployment model you want – on-premise, public or private cloud. Mendix is the only Low Code platform that’s fully Cloud Foundry-, Docker- and Kubernetes-enabled so you can deploy high-availability apps at web scale.
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How can TBN help you?
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Financial Services
TBN delivers solution for financial services in areas such as: Contact centre work flow automation, Online payment channels, Financial products and services on blockchain, Automated processes and integrate on top of core banking system and core credit card systems
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TBN helps insurance companies to tackle the digital transformation challenges by accelerating time-to-market with Mendix in areas such as: Workflow automation, Agent appointment engine, Broker portal, Claim management, Integrating application with social medias, AML (Anti-Money Laundering process)
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Manufacturing and Retail
TBN helps manufacturer and large retail customer to automate manual operational process with Mendix, and seamless integration with existing legacy systems. This automation covered process such as sales, purchase, inventory, planning, production, and deliveries process.
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Real Estate Development
TBN helps real estate developer to tackle the digital transformation challenges by accelerating time-to-market with Mendix in areas such as: Automated processes from CRM, sales, marketing, payment, and after sales service
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